Whether you’re working out alongside one of her best-selling videos, taking a continuing education session with her at some of the industry’s best conferences, or reading her motivational blog, you’ll quickly see why Brook Benten has been successful at sharing her message with so many. She is authentic, relatable and has a gift for connecting with anyone she meets. A consummate professional with a fierce determination to make an impact, Brook is a role model for both aspiring and veteran fitness professionals.

Here is how Brook shares her message…

My ideal client is ready to make changes for the long haul. They’re tired of the alleged “quick fixes.” They are in it to learn healthy behaviors; I’m there to make it joyful so that they may never stop.

My message is make movement fun. I always say, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” Exercise can be instrumental in beating America’s weight problem, getting people off antidepressants, building social bridges, and improving mental health; but only if fitness professionals deliver content that people actually want to do!

If I had only one way to spread my message, it would be brief video snippets. People watch more than they read. Videos allow me to deliver education while showing the world a glimpse of my personality.

People follow me because I keep things light and make exercise appealing to everyday folks.

Successful messaging enlightens people on something they didn’t know before tuning-in to you but does so with a panache that you uniquely deliver. Some of the best social advice I ever received was, “If they like who you are, they’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.”