To an athlete, it's pizza, but to an athlete's body, it's carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. Food is the vehicle by which most nutrients are delivered to the body. Exercise Nutrition 2.0 (Human Kinetics 2009) explains how the body digests food, metabolizes the nutrients contained in the food and stores some of the nutrients for future use. This course also explores how exercise and training affect these processes. This interactive online course requires approximately six hours of online study as well as reading the text, also titled Exercise Nutrition 2.0, delivered as a PDF within the course.
In this course, users will assume the role of a newly hired fitness trainer starting a six-day orientation at a company called Fitness, Inc. During orientation, the head trainer at Fitness, Inc. will introduce nutrition concepts users need to be familiar with in order to do the job well. She will also refer to Fitness, Inc.'s registered dietitian, who will present activities that help users apply the concepts presented in the course. 
During the first six days on the job at Fitness, Inc., course takers will refer often to the electronic text included in the course. The text uses a unique systems approach to illustrate the critical role that these nutrients play in the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and thermoregulatory systems to give readers a practical, functional perspective of this topic. A glossary and a list of additional recommended readings round out the text. 
The following are new features of Exercise Nutrition 2.0:

â·         Improved course functionality and visual appearance

â·         Completely updated references and recommended readings

â·         New section on daily caloric needs

â·         New section on advantages and disadvantages of using dietary supplements

â·         Updated information on timing, intake and recommended amounts of carbohydrate, protein and fat

â·         Updated research covering nutrition for strength and power and ultra endurance athletes, the effects of antioxidants on the cardiovascular system and planning for individual hydration needs


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