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Sept. 24 2006 12:00 AM

Shane Doll

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


"The lesson that I have learned is don't be afraid to start small."


Certification and Education:

NSCA CSCS, CPT; Bachelors from Bowling Green State University; Bowling Green, Ohio



Owner and Founder; Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios  



My specialty as a personal trainer is focused around weight management and body transformation. The program that I have designed for all three of my studios revolve around a 30-minute, functional strength routine combined that with high-intensity aerobic training.


Shane on the evolving role of personal trainers:

It's evolving out of the traditional health club setting, which is only helping to improve the professional credibility and respect for fitness trainers. With more and more trainers coming out into studio, corporate and medical setting, it's helping to raise the bar for personal trainers.


Shane's advice for beginning entrepreneurs:

Most importantly, the lesson that I have learned is don't be afraid to start small. And when you make the decision to go into business on your own, you have to jump in with both feet. A lot of personal trainers have ambitions of owning their own business, but very few stay committed. So when you decide to do it, close off all other exits. If you can stay within your set goals, start small and stick with it, I've found within six months, a year to two years, the growth slowly continues. So be patient and stay committed.


What is your average annual income for your fitness-related work/business?