Breast cancer claims the lives of more European women than any other cancer. Almost 132,000 women died from breast cancer in 2006, and every year 430,000 European women are diagnosed with the disease. But studies show that having a healthy lifestyle — avoiding weight gain, eating nutritiously and being physically active — can greatly reduce a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. As much as 25-33% of breast cancer cases are related to being overweight and physically inactive.
Given the enormous influence of lifestyle factors on the breast health of European women, EUROPA DONNA, the European Breast Cancer Coalition, has declared October 15, 2008 the first annual Breast Health Day. The launch will involve a media event in Milan, featuring renowned international and European figures, and representatives from EUROPA DONNA's 41 member countries. The aim is for women and girls of all ages to have access to breast heath information and understand the influence lifestyle choices can have on their future health.
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