Wellcoaches Corporation has been issued a US patent for the invention of Internet-supported personal coaching for health and well-being. US Patent No. 7,376,700 is a broad business method patent, seldom granted and only allowed after lengthy and rigorous scrutiny. This patent application has been under examination since 1999 and will be in force until 2022.

Wellcoaches has built the foundation for professional coaches in health care, said Margaret Moore, CEO of Wellcoaches, which has trained 3,000 coaches, the largest community of coaches in health care worldwide, who work with executives, employees, consumers, physicians, health clubs and families. We are committed to setting the highest standards for coaches, and we are delighted that the US Patent Office has recognized the innovation we conceived of in 1999 when it wasnt obvious to use the web for one-to-one interactions: using the Internet to enable large-scale delivery of high-quality, one-to-one professional coaching for health and well-being.

The patent issuance is significant and timely, says Ms. Moore. Google, Microsoft, Revolution Health, WebMD, health plans and others are rolling out online personal health records, a much-needed Internet tool that will come alive when coaches work with people to take charge of their health.

In 1999, the patents inventors, Wellcoaches founder Margaret Moore and her husband, prominent biotechnology patent lawyer Paul Clark, foretold the process of Internet-supported coaching now being widely adopted by coaches and other healthcare providers:


·         Multiple coaches use a common web platform


·         One coach is assigned to each client


·         The client provides information on health-related concerns


·         Real-time one-to-one coaching sessions are scheduled


·         Coach and client agree in real-time on clients life habits to change, personal goals, and work together to help the client take steps toward his/her goals


·         Coach and client transmit information via the Internet about the clients goals and progress


·         Coach and client access clients health information via a secure Internet client file


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