Business Name: Results Performance Training




Year started in business: 2011

Education and Qualifications

BS Kinesiology, Virginia Commonwealth University


ACSM Exercise Physiologist

Recognition & Awards

Virginia Gazette; 2013 Best Gym/Personal Trainer

What inspired you to start your business?

I previously worked for a number of commercial gyms, studios and sports performance centers. I also worked as a teacher and strength and conditioning coach at the high school level. I developed a goal to create a program where the focus was on results and relationships. Most importantly, I wanted to provide this program and personal training access to those who ordinarily couldn’t afford it.

What is one hard lesson you’ve learned in business you believe has been most valuable?

With the changing roles and different hats a business owner wears, my role as a leader is the most important. I had to develop into a leader, and view this as a process. I learned to be sure I am ready to play the long game and don't expect or attempt to chase after the quick dollar. It’s really important to be myself and realize that success is a team game.

If I asked one of your clients why they choose you over other places/gyms/trainers, what would they likely say?

Above all, it’s the culture that we provide. Clients feel safe, secure, and comfortable. One of the key reasons clients choose us is because they know they have direct access to us during the other 23 hours they aren’t in the gym.

Name one or two ways you are trying to raise the bar in the industry.

We are in it to truly educate clients. We don’t just put them through a tough workout and send them home. They understand why they are performing specific exercises and how everything is working to achieve their specific goal. We are coaches; not just trainers.