Salt Lake City Utah: Vicore Fitness, long known for their innovative approaches getting fit, has turned to crowdfunding through Kickstarter to launch and promote their newest offering, The Terra Core. 
This product is the compilation of everything they have learned in their cumulative 30 plus years of experience in helping people reach their full potential. The Terra Core is an extremely versatile and ergonomic format for performing a multitude of exercises. It can be used as an aerobic step, a balance trainer, a pushup device, with free weights and other various accessories. 
The Terra Core really represents the next generation in training tools to get people to the next level of functional fitness. "There is such a great story to tell with features like our Scan and Sweat App, new Band Bridges, and Power Grip Handles. We thought, let's try a new approach to promoting it! Kickstarter seemed like the perfect vehicle." said V.P. of National Sales, Greg Nigro. “No other platform allows a forum where you can go to check out new and innovative products like a crowdfunding site. Whether you are looking for the next greatest product to purchase, or you are looking to get your idea to the masses, Kickstarter facilitates all aspects perfectly. We invite everyone to go take a look at we have done, in hopes that it will help other companies in the fitness market get their stories heard. Fitness has always been about innovation and better yet, about helping people live more active and fulfilling lives. Even though new mediums such as Kickstarter are usually dominated by the “Tech'” industry, we feel that our space is just as innovative and deserves to be 
To learn more about the Terra Core and other Vicore products contact us at 801-878- 7702 or log onto