IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world's largest organization of health and fitness professionals, recently launched FitFeed™, where visitors will find the top 30 trending headlines in health and fitness from 250,000 fitness professionals.

FitFeed collates the most popular content being shared via Twitter, Facebook and IDEA Client Share by 250,000 fitness professionals. The results are displayed by popularity in real time and any item from the Internet that enough fitness professionals are sharing through their social networks will be included. Content comes from big sites like, to articles from small fitness blogs and anything in between.

Users can also view trending hashtags on Twitter, comment back and forth on FitFeed content, share FitFeed content via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and IDEA Client Share, and see how many times a piece of content has been shared, who has shared it, the social network it was shared on and what time and day it was shared.

"FitFeed is unique because it's the first and only place where you can see what experts in fitness are sharing with their colleagues and clients in real time," says IDEA Executive Director Kathie Davis. "Fitness professionals and enthusiasts will benefit tremendously, not just from the wisdom of crowds, but from the wisdom of a crowd of experts."