Hedstrom Fitness, manufacturer and distributor of the BOSU, and Core Interaction, developer of the Pocket Trainer fitness app, recently launched the BOSU Complete app available now on both Apple and Google platforms to make BOSU's brand of total-body, functional fitness training accessible to fitness-minded smart phone and tablet users alike.

    With video demonstrations of more than 140 upper-body, lower-body, total-body and core exercises, and circuit options in ever-changing 15-60-minute increments, the easy-to-use BOSU Complete app offers balance challenge variables to decrease or increase exercise difficulty and intensity. In addition, it includes a variety of BOSU exercises -- from basic to advanced -- to use in combination with other fitness accessories such as weighted bars, dumbbells, medicine balls, and more. Plus, the new BOSU app adds a community accountability component with Facebook posting capabilities once a user has completed a workout.

    Core Interaction, known for comprehensive, video-assisted exercise apps that advance exercise routines through user progress and compliance, developed the BOSU Complete app in a customizable way to appeal to the beginner, exercise enthusiast, seasoned athlete and trainer. Users can easily create personalized, ever-changing, effective total-body home or gym workouts. And fitness professionals can rejuvenate workouts and prescribe off-day training for clients.

    Initial feedback from small beta test groups was positive. Users liked choosing the type of workout they wanted to perform, receiving reminders to choose other exercise categories to maintain their workout balance, having different workouts to perform each session and viewing their last set data while in the workout.

    "BOSU is the one piece of exercise equipment that works as the affordable hub to any fitness program with its simplicity, versatility and portability," said Mike Kelly, CFO, Hedstrom Fitness. "The BOSU is recognizable. People have either seen it at the gym or have one at home. But they're missing information on what to do with it and likely don't realize how effective it can be. We are excited to launch our new BOSU Complete app because it makes the BOSU accessible in a way that motivates and assists users to better achieve their performance and fitness goals while increasing the variety and amplifying the effectiveness of their BOSU-based workouts."

    About Hedstrom Fitness:

    Hedstrom Fitness is a newly created division of Ball, Bounce and Sport Inc., one of the nation's premier manufacturers, distributors and marketers of play and sports balls with more than 175 employees and distribution networks in the U.S. and Canada. In April 2012, Hedstrom acquired exclusive, worldwide distribution of BOSU products from Fitness Quest Inc. Officially launched in 2000, the BOSU Balance Trainer helped to introduce the concept of balance training to elite athletes and coaches, fitness professionals, medical and rehabilitation specialists, and schools and universities. Based in Ashland, Ohio, Hedstrom Plastics, a sister division, currently manufactures commercial and retail versions of the BOSU Balance Trainer and BOSU Ballast Ball, as well as exercise balls, surf boarding training devices, and medicine balls. For more information visit www.BOSU.com, www.Hedstrom.com, and www.HedstromPlastics.com.

    About Core Interaction:

    Core Interaction was founded in 2009 by fitness industry professional trainers, who are dedicated to finding new and better ways to improve the effectiveness of exercise programs. CORE's patented fitness app "Pocket Trainer" is a comprehensive fitness solution that enables users to easily and safely manage their exercise program. Leading software engineers have made CORE's apps highly accessible, developing them for use on all mobile platforms available today. Trainers across the country have saluted the CORE approach, and recognize the company as a leader in fitness.