Starting in February, LEVEL's new Pilates programming, which is designed to improve strength, flexibility, and create long lean muscles, will be available for both members and nonmembers on a private, semi-private and open class basis. With the re-launch of these services, LEVEL's Pilates programming, is now available for all levels of experience and includes training on the Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel and Stability Chair. Additionally, in growing the Pilates programming, LEVEL has also hired three new highly-trained instructors, Barbara Taylor, Debra O'Reagan, and Shannon Wright to work alongside veteran trainers, Jocie Binette, Gina Senz and Carolyn O'Reilly, who collectively have over 4,000+ hours in Pilate's method training. These instructors will provide clients with the skills to master the Pilate's method and techniques in order to develop core stability and enhance their mind and body connection.

"We are very excited to be expanding LEVEL by introducing our new Pilates programming and our team of extremely talented instructors," said Adriane Morgan, LEVEL Director of Fitness. "Each of the instructors bring years of experience in Pilates training and will work continuously to understand their clients' fitness goals and consistently give them advice and tips to help them attain the results they are seeking."

LEVEL was established in 2004 by Howard and Sarah Kandel and their partners David Plotnek and Jay Kaufman. The re-launch of the new Pilates Programming is part of the first phase of LEVEL's 2013 expansion plan. The expansion plan also includes adding additional classes and various specialized series programs.

"The Pilates program had been very popular and successful in the past. We have not only invested in all new top of the line equipment, but have recruited some great talent. We are committed and focused on becoming the leading studio in the Pilates world," said Howard Kandel, LEVEL Partner.