Living and working as a busy fitness professional,especially with a non-stop daily schedule from before-sunrise to after-sunset, maynot just lead to exhaustion, but a feeling at the end of the week like you've accomplishedvery little when it comes to focusing on your long-term goals.

If you feel like you're overwhelmed with the schedule ofclients or keeping up on all that is required to manage and grow your business,try this tactic below and see if it helps you feel more focused andaccomplished at weeks-end.

I like to call these my "Daily Action Items"(rather than a "to-do" list which sounds boring, mundane anduninspired). Following these specific Daily Action Items makes me feel like I'vemade tangible strides toward my personal and business goals and in turn, helpsme serve my clients more effectively.

Marketing Mondays: focuson one or two action items that will have a direct impact on growingyour business. Work on marketing, upcoming promotions, a new program, advertising,scheduling networking events, social media updates, writing your emailnewsletters, etc.

Client appreciationTuesdays: focus on one or two action items that will have a direct impact on retainingyour current business. This can be as simple as sending a handwritten cardto a client, calling a client unexpectedly to see how their day is going,emailing an article or resource that may be useful toward their goals orsending a fruit or flower basket. These small gestures will go miles when itcomes to client retention and referrals; don't let this slip past you.

Relationship-buildingWednesdays: focus on one or two action items that will have a direct impact on providingnew opportunities for your business. Set up a time to meet with someonewho is doing what you want to be doing, schedule time to speak with yourmanager to discuss how you can add value to your gym's services, connect withothers on social media to start creating relationships. This is all about beingproactive to build your business and creating key relationships to help you getthere.

Education Thursdays: focuson one or two action items that will increase your knowledge and furtheryour education. Read, research, attend a seminar or workshop... continuingeducation is key to keeping on the top of the industry.

Visioneering Fridays:focus on one or two action items that will have a direct impact on the futureof your business and personal life. Set goals, review your monthly or quarterlyprogress, look into new opportunities, critique yourself or ask others forfeedback, or just read a book that motivates you.

What do you that helps you stay on task? I would love tohear what's working for you to build your business as a trainer or as abusiness owner. Be sure to leave me a comment below!


What is your average annual income for your fitness-related work/business?