Champaign, IL--Our society is facing a health crisis. Sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, and overcommitted schedules have led to obesity, chronic disease, elevated stress, and a host of other health problems for large segments of the population. The recent publication of the U.S. Health and Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines and launch of the National Physical Activity Plan have brought much-needed attention to these issues. These documents offer a road map for those working to promote healthier lifestyle choices, but it can be difficult to turn the guidelines into programs that appeal to the people most in need of help. Winning Health Promotion Strategies (Human Kinetics, July 2010) offers guidance to anyone looking to encourage the members of their communities, schools, and workplaces to make positive lifestyle changes.

In Winning Health Promotion Strategies, author Anne Marie Ludovici-Connolly shares tips, techniques, and success stories based on her experiences implementing the governor's award-winning Get Fit Rhode Island program, which was instrumental in Rhode Island's being named the first Well State in the nation by the Wellness Councils of America. She has also gathered examples from model initiatives and evidence-based programs and advice from experts in the wellness industry. The book provides everything needed to succeed, whether the goal is to start a new program or to increase the visibility of existing programs:


  • Information on the benefits of health and wellness programming in various settings that show return on investment, making it easier to gain approval and support for programs
  • A step-by-step approach to program design and implementation that will make it easier for even those with little experience to develop successful initiatives
  • Tips and techniques for maximizing participation by attracting new participants while keeping existing participants fully engaged
  • Strategies for assessing and evaluating initiatives and using the information to sustain or improve programming
  • 55 proven programs that can be used to jump-start initiatives, whether scheduling stand-alone events or planning a longer-term intervention program

The ready-to-use programs in Winning Health Promotion Strategies cover a wide variety of wellness topics, including physical activity, motivation to exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, general well-being, and cancer prevention. Each program includes everything needed to educate and inspire participants. The book includes a brief introduction to the program, a discussion of its effectiveness, a list of goals, tips for carrying out the program, and suggestions for tailoring the program to meet the needs of the organization. A key categorizes the programs by setting (school, community, or worksite), type (awareness, education, or intervention), and cost, and an activity finder will quickly locate the programs that are the best fit. Sample program materials, such as handouts and log sheets can also be found throughout the book.

Winning Health Promotion Strategies will help those in charge of community wellness step up to the challenge of inspiring healthier living in their community. Both new and veteran programmers will find the tips, techniques, strategies, and support they need in order to engage and entertain their participants while teaching them the skills for making the right choices about their health and wellness.

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