Short Foot Single-Leg Squat (Exercise of the Week #23)

The short foot single-leg squat is one of the best exercises for glute activation and strengthening. This exercise takes your typical single-leg squat and amps it up by adding short foot at the concentric phase of the squat. Short foot is one of the best exercises for driving proximal stability of the deep hip and pelvic floor, allowing for a more LPH complex and greater glute recruitment.

Short foot is simply driving the big toe down into the ground causing an engagement of the abductor hallucis in your foot. You may note that the arch increases when you do short foot. At the same time you are creating a co-activation of the deep hip rotators when you engage short foot. Now to add in the single-leg squat. Start in the single-leg squat position. On the bottom of the squat engage short foot, or drive the big toe down into the ground. As you press out of the squat, keep engaging short foot and feel the glutes, pelvic floor and deep abdominals concentrically fire.

This is a great exercise for warming up the body for a run, session with your clients or as a daily way to wake of the deep hip and core. Perform 6-8 repetitions before switching legs.