Dec. 7 2023
In the age of social media, the fitness industry has witnessed a surge in both fitness professionals and fitness influencers viewings for attention and recognition... View More
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Aug. 15 2023
As fitness professionals, we are uniquely qualified to contribute to society in ways that are both personally and professionally rewarding... View More
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April 6 2023
When we create an environment for our clients to feel welcome, appreciated, represented, valued and heard we clearly know we are addressing diversity and inclusiveness in our services... View More
Nov. 15 2022
When footage of George Floyd’s death was first broadcast to the world, I deeply understood the prevailing feelings of anger and fear. As a person of color, I have witnessed and experienced them thro
Nov. 15 2022
When I started in this business, “certifications” didn’t exist. Back then, we were all “aerobic instructors.” Our profession was never considered a job. We were a bunch of... View More
Sept. 30 2022
The fitness industry is moving into a tremendous epoch. The opportunity to shift the tide to a more diverse and inclusive industry is right now... View More
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July 22 2022
When I think about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the fitness profession, the first thing that must be considered are the facts... View More
Feb. 11 2022
As fitness professionals, creating a positive environment where our clients, students and colleagues feel like they belong and can be themselves is essential to providing the best experience... View More
June 2 2021
So, let’s get right to the point. Customers are getting much harder to come by and to keep... View More