Feb. 24 2012
By now I think we've all heard of the plastic gift card, but just in case you haven't let me briefly explain what they are and how they've been used ...There are a number of manufacturers online that can... View More
Jan. 24 2012
When I first started in the fitness industry there were no marketing tools, business gurus, or any of the exciting business building methods and ideas that we seem to have at our disposal today. (Or if... View More
Nov. 28 2011
If there is one thing that's true it's that personal trainers generally find it difficult to continually attract and find new clients. It doesn't have to be this way.First, you need to think about what... View More
Oct. 20 2011
How would you like to create an unending supply of social proof, dozens of raving fans and create several referral leads with very little effort? One of my top coaching clients has been doing something... View More