Oct. 25 2013
I too was one of those trainers that in starting my business spent countless hours on thinking of that catchy name, you know the one everyone would remember; that is if they ever heard it in the first... View More
Sept. 22 2013
If you've been reading my column for any length of time and taking action there's no doubt that your business is probably growing. In the last six and a half years I've learned many hard lessons about... View More
Aug. 23 2013
I'm sure you've heard of the supplement company called EAS and maybe even the mother of all transformation programs, Body For Life. This column has nothing to do with EAS other than the association... View More
July 23 2013
What is your time worth? This is a very serious question and one you need to answer for yourself. What's more I'd suggest you re-evaluate it about every six months; that is if you want to grow your fitness... View More
June 25 2013
When I first speak to a new coaching client one of the very first things we discuss is whether they know and track their average number of leads per month. I know when I began my training business years... View More
May 30 2013
As trainers we're still people and as people we have certain behaviors that are consistent no matter what. First we live in an instant gratification world. Our clients are looking for a near instant solution... View More
April 28 2013
Whether you are a solopreneur or an employer I think the following will be important to you. One of my most important mentors always used the description of a "ticking time bomb" when referring to employees.... View More
March 25 2013
You might believe you are already effective at managing your time. If there's anything I've learned it's that when it comes to time management it's a continual work of improvement. There are three... View More
Feb. 25 2013
My focus on systems, planning and structure in addition to marketing and promotion has surely been what's helped me establish myself as a fitness professional business mentor. In this column, however,... View More
Jan. 17 2013
I believe that developing strategic partnerships is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways of building your business. It should be one of the foundation elements that receive continual focus with... View More
Dec. 24 2012
Likely every fitness professional on the planet knows the acronym for SMART goal planning. I'm sure many of you continually use this to set specific, measureable goals for your clients that you help them... View More
Nov. 20 2012
I'm sure most people would agree the beginning of each New Year has to be the peak of fitness awareness. You'd think just being in any aspect of the fitness industry that you are poised for automatic success... View More
Oct. 28 2012
Times have really changed. Thanks to technology, things like social media have changed how we make decisions as consumers and even how we relate to one another. Acknowledge and accept the way we do business... View More
Sept. 26 2012
When was the last time you went out and spoke to an audience in your community? I've noticed a trend with fitness professionals in these last couple years; there's been a lot of gravitation to email marketing.... View More
Aug. 23 2012
Most personal trainers don't have a natural affinity for running a business, or maybe that was just me. Well, if you're like me I'm sure you can appreciate the frustration of what, at times, feels like... View More
July 23 2012
It pains me to hear from a struggling trainer, and when I say struggling I mean a trainer in dire straights; someone living on credit or fearful that they're not going to be able to support their family... View More
June 22 2012
A lot of trainers continually ask me what to do about increased competition. It seems our scarcity mindset likes to rear its ugly head and feed our fears that someone else doing what we do will negatively... View More
May 24 2012
These days I am all about predictable marketing. I always want to know exactly how I'm going to generate additional consultations each week to ensure our facility keeps growing. Now when I work on producing... View More
April 22 2012
When it comes to growing my personal training business I am all about predictable lead generation. Having the ability to generate client consultations on demand and at a rate that is comfortable for you... View More
March 27 2012
I would say nearly every trainer I've met, including myself, started their career because they enjoyed working out. In my case, my career began because people just kept asking questions whenever I was... View More