Exercise _Audition

Group Exercise Instructors, let's talk about auditions. Have you been to one? Read on to learn more about what managers are looking for and how to make the most of this experience!

A GX audition could be one-on-one or held in a group. Naturally a group audition may feel more comfortable, but there are also benefits to a one-on-one. Let’s have a look at both.

The GX Group Audition

Most large chain gyms and studios regularly hold group auditions. If you’ve applied, you may receive a mass email announcing “open auditions.” This is a great opportunity to not only present yourself with the intent of being hired, but it can also be the perfect way to check out the location and see the hiring manager in action over a longer period of time to assess if this employer would be the right fit for you! The added benefit to group auditions is that it is a great way to network in your local area, meet other Group Exercise Instructors (GXIs) and maybe even learn of other opportunities!

The GX One-On-One Audition

Sometimes for specific reasons managers prefer to hold one-on-one auditions. For us “Group” Exercise Instructors, the one-on-one experience might be daunting. When you are used to playing to a crowd and feeding off the energy of the group, this type of audition might seem awkward. To best prepare try and put yourself in an imaginary state of mind and picture yourself in a room full of smiling participants. The benefit of this type of audition is that you’ll likely have more time to create a rapport with the hiring manager.

How to Prepare for Either Type of Audition

It pays to research the company and hiring manager in advance. You’ll want to be prepared to state what you like about the company and why you would want to teach for them. Also, find out who you might know in common with the hiring manager; “birds of a feather, flock together!”

Try to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. This will help you to avoid being frazzled and hurried. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the networking opportunity with other GXIs. In addition, maybe you can make an impression by being of assistance to the hiring manager.

Plan and be prepared. Know what format you will present and be prepared to present other formats if you teach them. Have your music ready in advance, CD & iPod just in case (cables are also a good idea to have with you always.)

Look the part and dress for the format(s) you will be presenting. This includes, branded gear, appropriate support/undergarments, minimal jewelry, no perfume, no chewing gum, light make-up.

Make sure to show your personality! Smile, make eye contact, have tonality in your voice.

Present yourself professionally from the moment you pull into the parking lot.

Its ok to ask the manager what they are looking for and get any clarification you might need. Listen closely and try to give them what they ask for.

Go with the flow. Things come up; stereo doesn’t work or manager is running late. Remain professional, positive and solution oriented. Things come up all the time when teaching classes and the manager might just be interested to see how you will handle the situation.

Be memorable. Say the manager’s name when speaking to them. When parting show enthusiasm, as well as, express your interest and availability.