Precor, a leading commercial and home fitness equipment manufacturer, has introduced new Experience Series treadmills for fitness operators. The next-generation equipment, available now for order in the U.S. and Canada, meets commercial customer needs through long-term reliability and operational efficiency while also delivering a highly personalized, maximum-comfort experience for exercisers. Based explicitly on operator, exerciser and service technician feedback, the Experience Series sets a new standard in state-of-the-art treadmill technology. 

"One of the reasons we've been able to maintain our reputation for innovation and market leadership is that we regularly ask for and analyze the opinions of our customers," said Adam Hubbard, Director of Product Management, Precor. "They keep coming back to us because they know we are always focused on their success. We put new technology to work in designs that reflect their priorities."

The Experience Series redesign was based on valuable insights from an extensive Precor study of its three primary stakeholders: commercial customers (fitness centers and spas), exercisers and service technicians. This collective feedback informed the design of its three new models – the 885, 835 and 811.

Key enhancements include:

Sleek, Simple, Modern Appearance – A clean, more contemporary design consistent with other recently updated Precor products, features an updated console dash, providing exercisers ample space to store their belongings. The all new 'user cockpit' features extended, cushioned handrails, delivering greater privacy and enhanced ergonomics.

Optimized Stability – A brand new frame design delivers improved console stability, solid feel and quiet operation. For exercisers, a quiet operation equates to quality, drawing exercisers to the equipment.

Enhanced Exerciser Personalization – The next-generation Ground Effects Impact Control System (GFX) features a wider 22" running deck for absorbing high-impact movements while providing maximum stability and a solid push-off. Precor also improved the performance and efficiency of its Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT), which recognizes changes in an individual user's stride and adjusts the belt speed accordingly. To help users feel less "on display" while exercising, Precor also lowered its step-up height to 9.5".

Improved Maintenance – Experience Series treadmills are easier to install, clean, maintain, troubleshoot and service. The belt and deck are easy to replace using common fastener sizes and lengths. The "Active Status Light," the first-of-its-kind, allows facility operators and service personnel to quickly assess the operating status of a machine with a glance.

Increased Energy Efficiency - The equipment's 4 HP AC Drive Motor supplies higher torque and lower power usage than ever before, helping reduce cost of ownership.

"Precor has made some really ingenious updates to the Experience Series, such as the status indicator light that will help us find a fast fix to whatever is wrong," said Chris Pacifico, co-owner of Eclipse Fitness in Green Brook, New Jersey. "But they don't stop there; they also make sure parts are readily available too. Precor understands that out of order equipment is bad for business."

Each Experience Series model features the company's patented shock absorption technology, delivering a noticeably smoother and more natural feeling workout. Operators have a choice of three models – the 885, 835 or 811 – to best suit their customers' needs, with full confidence that the improved fit and finish of each piece will hold up over time.

"What Precor has shown us with these new models is that they are listening to what customers want," said Ed Kreuscher, owner of three New York area fitness facilities, including IXL Health and Fitness Clubs in Rhinebeck and Saugerties. "When we evaluate a fitness equipment provider's new offerings, we're not just looking at who's made the most or biggest changes, but whether those changes are going to be meaningful to our business and to our customers. Precor does their homework and it shows."

Visit the Precor website to view and compare the new Experience Series models. This next-generation equipment will become available in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific in September 2014.