Cybex International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, recently received the prestigious FIBO Innovation Award 2012 for the patented Progressive Stabilization system featured on its Bravo Press and Bravo Pull strength machines. The award was presented at the annual FIBO trade show on Friday, April 20, in Essen, Germany.

"We set out to combine the advantages of isolative strength training equipment with the advantages of cable press and pull equipment, and Progressive Stabilization was born," said Ray Giannelli, senior vice president of research and development for Cybex International. "We're thrilled that the FIBO Innovation Award jury saw fit to recognize this advancement in exercise technology. It inspires us to continue creating better ways to work out."

Multi-function cable systems traditionally provide a variety of movement options in one machine with limited stability and strength gains. Single-function fixed-path equipment traditionally provides stability and increased loading with limited movement variety. Utilizing Progressive Stabilization, Cybex's Bravo Press and Bravo Pull are the first multi-function cable training stations to offer the stability and strength potential found in single-function, fixed-path equipment along with the expanded movement variety typical with multi-function cable training systems. The Bravo Press and Bravo Pull also offer no-stability or partial-stability settings, allowing trainers to create workouts that build strength and skills in a progressive, highly effective manner.

"With the growth of functional training products and programming, be it in one-on-one or group fitness sessions, the Bravo series is the 'must have' equipment for any size facility. Alone, combined with the Arc Trainer or bundled with other functional training tools, it's a proven performer when it comes to results," said Lisa Juris, vice president of marketing for Cybex International.

"Progressive Stabilization combines the best of multi-function cable systems with the best of fixed-path single-function systems, and the result is a better strength workout," said Dr. Paul Juris, executive director of the Cybex Research Institute. Bravo Press and Bravo Pull with Progressive Stabilization provide a 212-percent increase in load capacity and a 184-percent increase in core activation compared to other free-standing machines, according to a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Kinesiology. "What this means is Progressive Stabilization gives users a greater variety of training options and delivers what users want: faster, safer results," said Dr. Juris.

About Cybex

Cybex International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment primarily for commercial use. The Cybex product line, including a full range of strength and cardio training machines, is designed using exercise science to reflect the natural movement of the human body. Led by the Cybex Research Institute, Cybex fitness equipment is engineered to produce optimal results for users from the first-time exerciser to the professional athlete. Cybex designs and builds its products in the USA for a wide range of facilities, from commercial health clubs to home gyms, in more than 85 countries worldwide. For more information on Cybex and its products, visit the Company's website at