Having headquarters in Manhattan and Miami's South Beach makes elements(TM) for women keenly aware of many trends in fitness and lifestyle before they become mainstream. As an up and coming fitness brand, the elements(TM) brand team pays close attention to new trends and offerings to keep the clubs a step ahead.  Members are more tech-savvy today, and are looking for new ways to measure progress and keep motivated. 


elements(TM) for women, has announced a partnership with HUR (Finland) to exclusively feature its patented "smartcard technology" in its upscale, boutique-style clubs. The manufacturer has developed a leading technology in Europe where each machine "knows" what the member has done in previous workouts, and suggests what the member should do this workout. 


The equipment calibrates to the member's preferred settings, and records repetitions, range of motion, and resistance. The technology is so advanced that it can monitor and record a member's heart rate during her workout. Members are given complete access to their data, including reports of the changes and goals over time.


The air-compressed equipment automatically adjusts to each member's desired resistance settings once the smartcard is entered. Members always have the option of bypassing the system for a traditional workout, but very few exercise this option.


"These smart tracking features play an important role in the overall member experience," commented Christopher Palumbo, development director for the elements(TM) brand, "We see an increase in membership and improved member satisfaction rates at our smartcard clubs. There is a level of accountability akin to having an instructor at each machine with you. Members are encouraged to challenge themselves, because they know their performance is being monitored. Members receive complimentary sessions with a lifestyle consultant monthly to track their performance, and suggest other ways they can improve their programs. This powerful technology is complimented by other lifestyle services such as diet coaching, personal training, or premium classes."


elements(TM) is a premium fitness and living brand for women. The company offers fitness and weight loss services throughout a network of upscale, boutique style health clubs. Elements for women(TM) differ from other health club providers in its "balanced lifestyle" approach to fitness, which includes the following components: body, beauty, and mind.


elements(TM) clubs feature forward-thinking technology and advances, from Smart Workouts to the dynamic Group Exercise class series.  Elements(TM) exclusively features a SmartCard exercise system with European- designed "smart" machines, which greet each member by name, remember her settings, track her performance, and tell her where to go next.  The touch screen and card practically becomes a personal trainer for the client.


The boutique-style clubs was designed by Ruby Martin, an award-winning interior architect, and features 4 distinct lifestyle zones, including diet coaching, yoga & pilates, private exercise, and circuit training.


The hip and stylish elements brand has attracted international attention, from a mention in Forbes magazine online, to new flagship clubs announced in London, Chicago and New York.  Upcoming brand expansion includes a new online web club, with an all- star fitness and diet Advisory Panel, including Nike's Lisa Gaylord, ABC TVs Dr. Fabian Lopez, and the Nutrition Twins. Over 45 locations are now under development in the U.S. as well as international expansion to Bombay and London.



For more information on elements, visit www.elementsforwomen.com.




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