Spri Products has maneuvered to the front of the pack of accessory companies by going way beyond just selling products, stuffing a package with a booklet, or even adding a DVD. Booklets, posters and DVDs are, of course, great first steps to help consumers know what to do with a tube, ball or board once they get it home. However, Spri has now fully launched a video library packed with individual exercise how-to clips that are free, fully downloadable and open to anyone.


Reported by SNEWS® 10 months ago with a scheduled launch of January 2007, the library has now been beefed out with 352 total clips using 28 products and was officially announced last month to retailers and consumers. SNEWS® in its report last summer called it the beginning of a trend that more and more companies would be jumping on since it adds convenience to workouts, a factor that may in the long run encourage more people to add exercise to their lives by cutting out one more excuse. "Spri is a product manufacturer, but we feel there is an obligation to help people hit their goals," said Adam Zwyer, marketing director at Spri. "Sure, we provide a product, but now the question they may have is, 'What do I do with this?'"


Retailer bonus

But such a video library goes beyond being a place that consumers can go to see videos about what to do with a product once they have it at home. In fact, retailers can use it as an additional sales tool to show their customers when they are considering the purchase of an accessory product. That way, consumers won't decide not to buy something if they are unsure they'll know how to use it later. In addition, retailers can ingratiate themselves with customers by showing them the information on a computer in the store, allowing a consumer to see the store as more than a place to buy something, but also as a source of education and help. "This opens avenues for retailers to tell the customer how to use a product," Zwyer said. "They are now not just salespeople. They're experts."


An added bonus is that every individual exercise clip is fully downloadable, to computers or any MP3 player. That means that consumers could create their own exercise playlists, as they do now with music, mixing and matching exercises for different types of routines or equipment. The workouts then become transportable on the MP3 player or computer for someone to do anywhere, including while traveling.


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