NY Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy (NYSM) is pleased to introduce their newly published booklet, Running Without Injury. The booklet is a collaboration between Dr. Michael Neely, a leading NY sports medicine specialist and co-owner of NYSportsMed, and physical therapist Krista Simon, along with contributions from a number of physical therapists and staff members from NYSM.

Running Without Injury provides information geared to every step of getting involved in a running program, from obtaining a preliminary medical and biomechanical assessment, to choosing the right running shoes and knowing what to eat during training for distance running events. The book is intended to assist all levels of runners, from those just starting out for the first time to experienced runners that are interested in improving their results or increasing their distance. The primary focus of Running Without Injury, as the title aptly explains, is to instruct runners at all levels on ways to prevent injury.

Dr. Neely and Krista Simon were able to offer expertise about injury prevention for runners from numerous perspectives. On one hand, they have treated many running injuries and understand what causes most injuries and how they can be prevented. Dr. Neely, a sports medicine doctor, routinely sees the results of running injuries of all types and severity. Simon specializes in treating biomechanics of the lower extremities and human gait, both important aspects of proper running mechanics. In addition to their medical expertise, they have also participated in numerous marathons and are avid runners. This combination of professional insight and understanding of what it’s like to be a runner provide the basis of a thorough step-by-step guide of what should be done – and what should be avoided – in order to improve running performance and avoid injury.

“There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you hit a new milestone as a runner,” explains Simon. “Running truly produces a ‘high’ that cannot be replicated, but the problem is that sometimes runners do too much or don’t heed tried-and-true advice because they want to keep pushing themselves further. What usually ends up happening though is that they get injured and wind up sitting on the sidelines.” Running Without Injury provides expert advice about what you need to do before you lace up those sneakers, how to ease into a running program without overdoing it, how to select the proper footwear to accommodate your gait, what to wear to stay comfortable depending on weather conditions, and proper nutrition and hydration techniques to remain healthy before, during and after your workout.

The book also includes a section on ways to avoid injury and what to do about minor aches and pains before they become full-blown injuries. Everything from cross-training basics to stretching are covered in Running Without Injury and a list of common running injuries, including their symptoms and what to do if you suffer from them, are also included. “As a sports medicine specialist, I see lots of patients that come to me due to injuries they’ve suffered from running,” explains Dr. Neely. “Many injuries can be avoided or their repercussions diminished just by simple changes to a running routine, taking a rest or cross-training, or by adjusting the biomechanics of a runner’s stride. The problem is that if this is does not happen, the resulting injury can often sideline a runner for days, weeks or even months.”

Although Running Without Injury aims to prevent running injuries from happening in the first place, the book devotes a whole section on how to deal with injuries when they strike. In addition to physical recommendations, there is also a run-down of how to work through the emotional process of dealing with an injury.

Dr. Neely, Krista Simon and the many experienced physical therapists at NYSportsMed offer runners a comprehensive guide that covers what it takes to remain healthy while running. The fact that they can provide insight from both a medical perspective, as well as from an understanding of what it means to be a runner, provides an added dimension to Running Without Injury. “So many of us are avid marathon runners here at NYSM,” explains Simon, “so we know what it feels like to be sidelined from the sport we love. Understanding how to stack the odds in your favor so you don’t get injured is our way of helping runners remain healthy and stay on the road to their goals.”

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