Poor technique and outright intimidation keep many people from
enjoying the benefits of resistance training. Top strength and conditioning
expert David Sandler provides the advice and techniques these people need in Fundamental
Weight Training
Kinetics, March 2010). Sandler, who has authored five books and serves as
a science expert for several television shows, wants as many people as possible
to enjoy the benefits resistance training provides.

"Embrace weights and they will reward you far more than any
other form of exercise can," says Sandler. "Increase muscle density,
and you will burn more calories. Increase muscle appearance, and you will feel
better about yourself. Increase muscle size and endurance, and just about
everything you do will feel easier. It is a win-win situation when weight
training is part of your life."

In Fundamental
Weight Training,
offers essential workout plans as well as the strength training lingo to get
people comfortable before they head to the gym. With over 100 exercises--some
of which can be done at home with resistance tubing or other methods-novices
can learn the fundamental lifts that will strengthen and tone their bodies.

many people assume weight training 'bulks you up,' it is often neglected,
misunderstood, and when finally applied, done incorrectly," notes
Sandler. He thus strives to educate as many people as possible on
strategies and techniques to avoid injury.

sports and many of our daily activities force us into a position where one side
of the body is used more than the other, leading to muscle imbalances,"
Sandler explains, noting that some studies suggest that a muscle imbalance of
greater than 10 percent between the right and left sides of the body increases
the risk of injury by 20 times. "Training the right and left sides
separately using resistance tubing, dumbbells, and unilateral machines, which
allow for each limb to move individually, can correct many of these imbalances
and decrease your risk of developing chronic injuries and aches. But in
general, a full-body weight training program will certainly reduce your risk of

Sandler organizes exercises so readers can easily assemble them into
programs targeted at specific muscle groups, according to their strength and
conditioning goals. In addition, the programs include tips and variations that
are safe and appropriate for novices and young lifters. Also included are many
stretch ideas for before and after each workout.

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