If you don't yet have a professional website for yourself, don't feel alone. Only 38% of fitness professionals have their own websites. Costs seem to be a major reason for the lack of sites since the average monthly maintenance of such sites runs $35 and a large percentage (42%)of fitness professionals paid over $200 to get their sites built.
Here are the results of the survey, so that you can see how you stack up against your peers. And watch for more from PFP this spring as we roll out a program to help fitness professionals with their websites.
Of those fitness professionals who have websites:
  • 42% built their own websites, yet 51% are just somewhat satisfied with their sites
  • 35% hired a webmaster/company to build their sites
  • Only 15% used a friend
  • 42% spend over $200 to build their sites
  • 60% maintain their own sites and most update their sites monthly
  • 27% seldom update their sites, but 22% change them weekly
  • Monthly hosting fees and other maintenance of sites averages $35
  • Following are the pages most apt to be found on their sites
    • Contact page (93% of fitness professionals have)
    • About us page (92%)
    • Listing of services(90%)
    • Testimonials page (58%
  • 78% can put up photos, while only 48% can put up videos
  • Most (73%) do not have a store
  • Of those who have a store, the most frequent items to be found are supplements followed by educational materials
 Of those fitness professionals who have do not have websites:
  • Although they don't have sites, 25% think it is very important to have a sight, followed by another 35% who think it is somewhat important
  • They would want the following pages on their sites:
    • Listing of services (91% would want this page)
    • Contact page (88%)
    • About us page (77%)
    • Testimonials page (67%)
    • FAQs page (62%)
    • Pricing of services (54%)
All fitness professionals
  • When asked what products they recommend to clients, their answers were:
    • Gym equipment (47%)
    • Vitamins (41%)
    • Athletic apparel (40%)
    • Food supplements (39%)
  • When asked if they were extremely interested, somewhat interested or not interested in the following; the greatest number responded "extremely interested" for each:
  • Personalized website
  • Personalized online store
  • Ability to earn additional revenue without having to carry inventory
  • Online appointment requests
  • Advertising of promotions to customers
Again, thanks to all of those who took time to complete the survey. Watch for more surveys in the future. If you have questions, please contact Managing Editor John Thompson at john.t@rbpub.com.

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