June 15 2011
People lose 30% of their muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70 years. However, maintaining muscle strength in old age is enormously important in order to maintain mobility and to be able to lead... View More
T Spine Mobility Start
June 8 2011
As he wraps up his tight-ankle series, Brian demonstrates two effective body weight training exercises to improve closedchain ankle dorsiflexion.If you're just beginning the series, check out Ankle Dorsiflexion... View More
June 3 2011
Approximately 3,000 years before Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud" Melin released the "Hula-Hoop," Egyptian children would make circles from dried grape vines and swing them around their waists. The ancient... View More
FW Reaching Lunge
May 18 2011
As he wraps up his tight-ankle series, Brian demonstrates two effective body weight training exercises to improve closedchain ankle dorsiflexion. If you're just beginning the series, check out Ankle... View More
Soleus Foam Rolling
May 4 2011
In his last column, Brian demonstrated screening tools used to asses and identify ankle asymmetries. In this column, Brian demonstrates a basic series ofexercises to begin mobilizing the soleus and addressing... View More
May 4 2011
This comprehensive guide to avoiding andovercoming running injuries is a must for all fitness professionals who traindistance runners. Beginning with healthy training practices, Running Doc'sGuide to Healthy... View More
May 2 2011
Childhood obesity is a growing problem today, and the demand for fitness programs aimed at the general teen and kid population is also increasing. But training kids is not the same as training adults,... View More
May 2 2011
Our culture is in a state of crisis with obesity at an all time high, affecting 33% of the population. Besides the obvious challenges of being overweight or obese in our world, when it comes to exercise,... View More
spano, marie (2)
April 29 2011
By now weall know that many athletes, depending on their sport, need carbohydrates tomaximize their performance. In fact, hundreds of studies conducted over thepast several decades have shown that carbohydrates... View More
April 27 2011
The benefits of a personal trainer and the convenience of the Internet have come together in the latest fitness trend: online personal training. This concept emerged about ten years ago, but in the past... View More
Half kneeling ankle dorsiflexion assessment (finis
April 20 2011
Brian turns his focus to ankle tightness in the first of a three-part series. This column offers two exercises to detect differences in the ankles.See 'Related Resources' below for past Functionally Fits... View More
April 19 2011
This month, Dietary Supplement University is "diggingin" to one of the most popular dietary supplements to date. And for goodreason -- there's actually research to support it: Creatine monohydrate. First,some... View More
April 12 2011
All exercise is the same, right? Not so fast, suggests a small study of teens out of Scotland that found that high-intensity exercise may be better than endurance training for preventing cardiovascular... View More
Windshield Wiper (start)
April 6 2011
Brian demonstrates an exercise designed to stretch the hip into internal rotation, decreasing the risk of excessive lumbar rotation and/or knee collapse. See 'Related Resources' below for past Functionally... View More
March 28 2011
Plyometric training is often called by the name "Stretch Shortening Cycle Exercise." This name actually describes the basic physiological basis for plyometric training: the muscle first goes through an... View More
Diagonal Hip Flexor Lunge Step (start)
March 23 2011
Brian demonstrates an exercise designed to improve hip mobility while also increasing strength and stability in the front side leg. See 'Related Resources' below for past Functionally Fits and other exercises... View More
March 23 2011
A male friend of mine was agonizing about where to take his sweetheart to dinner for Valentine's Day. I asked a few questions and found out that she doesn't really like fancy restaurants and neither does... View More
March 23 2011
"Faster!!!" he commanded. "I can't..." she said. "YOU CAN! Faster!" he bellowed. She breathed heavily as every muscle in her body seemed to clench and quiver, obeying his commands, and the strange mix... View More
March 23 2011
The client who shows up religiously for their exercise program, brings in their completed meal/water/exercise logs, asks questions and tracks their progress in relation to the goals they worked out with... View More
March 21 2011
The manufacture and sale of dietary supplements is a $25+billion per year industry. Sorting through the marketing claims, research, andhype for the 29,000+ dietary supplements available can be difficult... View More


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