Lindsay Vastola

Lindsay Vastola, NSCA-CPT, has served as editor for PFP media since 2011 and is now serving on the PFP Advisory Board. She is the founder of Body Project (2007), a custom fitness and lifestyle company headquartered in Robbinsville, New Jersey. As a keynote and wellness program consultant for companies across industries and speaker at industry events including Club Industry, NSCA, Fitness Business Summit and Functional Aging Institute, Lindsay speaks on topics ranging from work-life balance, emotional intelligence, and business-specific topics including increasing sales through email marketing, out-of-the-box marketing strategy, implementing successful business systems and sales strategies that retain lifelong, loyal clients.
Jan. 2 2014
At the core of any successful fitness professional is a firm understanding of human anatomy and the effective application of safe, effective movement. Bret Contreras, MS, CSCS, has compiled years of research... View More
Jan. 1 2014
The start of the New Year always brings a sense of excitement, hopefulness, and it's a great time to give our business mindset a fresh start. However, it's easy to fall into some common traps. Here are... View More
Dec. 15 2013
There comes a point in every fitness professional's career where there is a realization that there are clients you love to train and others you dread. Many trainers fall into the trap of taking "any client... View More
Dec. 2 2013
There are few books that captivate a reader with both a sense of insatiable motivation to accomplish great things and give the tangible tools necessary to take meaningful action toward greater success.... View More
Dec. 1 2013
The end of the year is the perfect time of year to set aside time to reflect on the last 12 months and set-up your action and goal plan for the coming year. Here is a quick checklist to help make your... View More
Nov. 15 2013
The fitness industry is in need of a major makeover; a marketing makeover. The fitness industry, in the eyes of the greater public, continues to be branded by images of spandex, fake tans, perfectly articulated... View More
Nov. 2 2013
While there are endless resources on marketing and advertising principles and strategy; go-to books on how these principles and strategies apply specifically to fitness professionals are more difficult... View More
Nov. 1 2013
It often seems as if getting “certified” has become an accessory perfect for the person who “loves to work out.” To be completely transparent (and blunt), I cringe every time someone,... View More
Oct. 15 2013
If you're eager to start your own fitness business, it's important that you not get hung-up on many of the details that may keep you from simply taking action. Too many aspiring fitness entrepreneurs focus... View More
Oct. 2 2013
There is no question that the value of bodyweight training continues to resonate with fitness professionals. Bret Contreras has published a comprehensive guide that not only includes a plethora of bodyweight... View More
Oct. 1 2013
I meet several newly certified trainers who find it difficult to get their first "chance" at training clients. Whether as an independent trainer starting a business or getting hired at a facility, many... View More
Sept. 15 2013
If there is one industry that changes what is "in style" more often than fashion -- it's fitness. We use fashion and style as a way to express ourselves and even to make a statement. Fitness really... View More
Sept. 2 2013
Evan Osar, a chiropractic physician and founder of Fitness Education Seminars has released his comprehensive book, Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction. Specializing in... View More
Sept. 1 2013
I was listening to a New York City-area morning talk radio show last week and one of the featured segments was about the fastest growing professions in New York City. Fitness training was ranked the fourth... View More
Aug. 15 2013
When it comes to scope of practice in our industry, there is a line that in theory is clear and defined, but in everyday practice often becomes blurred. For those of us who have certifications from accredited... View More
Aug. 2 2013
Human Kinetics has released a new addition to their Sport Performance Series: Developing Speed. It's a perfect guide to add to your reference library, particularly for fitness professionals who train... View More
Aug. 1 2013
In my last column, I shared with you an exercise reminiscent of a Mad Lib with five quick fill-in-the-blank statements. The objective is to keep you from over-thinking and over-strategizing what niche... View More
July 15 2013
Many fitness professionals start their career with the noble goal of "helping everyone who wants to live a healthy life." But the truth is, as the saying goes, "You can't be all things to all people."... View More
July 1 2013
In my September 2011 column, I shared seven ways to motivate your clients beyond just physical results. I wanted to revisit the topic because at some point, being the motivator that our clients depend... View More
June 15 2013
Whether you are in a formal business partnership or joint venture with another professional on a service or product you offer, you must be vigilant about laying a strong foundation of the partnership.... View More