This sequence using the new BOSU® NexGen Balance Trainer links two drills into a flowing movement pattern that challenges upper body strength and endurance, balance, mobility and core stabilization.

4-Quadrant Plank Walk: Begin in a plank position with the hands placed on the front quadrants of the dome. Walk the hands back to the rear quadrants of the dome while lifting the hips to a pike position, then walk the hands back to the front and lower to plank. Repeat 3 times. Lower the hips to the dome and extend the arms overhead, then return the hands to the dome and press back to plank.

Plank Walk-Up Lateral Roll: From plank position with the hands-on the dome, lower one forearm to the dome followed by the other. Walk up with one arm, rotate to a lateral balance, then rotate back to plank. Lower the knees to the floor and press back into “child’s pose.” Press back to plank and repeat the drill, starting with the opposite arm.

Practice and master the skills within each of the drills separately. Then, perform 2 reps of the first drill followed by 2 reps of the second drill, letting the movements flow smoothly.

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