OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) is now carrying Sanctband’s new high quality, low mess, odor free, latex-resistive exercise band. Sanctband resistance exercise bands provide both positive and negative force on muscles, enhance strength, increase range of motion and promote cooperation of muscle groups.
Sanctband Exercise Band is specially treated to remove most of the proteins found in latex and it is washed to remove the excessive powder on the band. This process reduces the possibility of the powder acting as a transporting agent of proteins onto the skin of users, making this band more comfortable to handle and use.
This exercise band is designed to maximize comfort while handling, reduce the mess conventional powdery bands leave behind, and address concerns for latex allergy when using latex exercise bands (Note: powder is used to prevent the tackiness of the latex).
The Sanctband can be found at OPTP in six resistance levels.
OPTP is a provider of fitness and rehabilitation products. If you would like more information on Sanctband or a free OPTP catalog, visit www.optp.com.


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