July 16 2024
Are band internal and external rotation exercises your “go to” for client rotator cuff health?... View More
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July 9 2024
Again, we have a series of balance and reaction time drills that will not only challenge our clients' balance system but their cognitive system as well... View More
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June 28 2024
According to the American Joint Replacement Registry, there are 860,000 total knee and hip replacements done in the United States per year. This number is projected to double in the next ten years. Th
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June 24 2024
Achilles tendinopathy and calf strains are common issues that many clients struggle with as they age and with participation in sports... View More
June 6 2024
While no injury can be completely prevented, fitness professionals can help clients avoid the sidelines by training them for Achilles injury prevention... View More
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May 28 2024
As our arches start to flatten, there is often a subsequent delay in glute strength... View More
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May 23 2024
One of the biggest problems clients run into with lunging is anterior knee pain. This is especially prevalent in middle-aged females... View More
May 14 2024
As fitness professionals we are constantly walking the tight rope between encouragement and forcefulness, motivation and insult, and failure and success... View More
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May 13 2024
So while the front plank is useful, why don't you try a few more variations — the combinations really become endless... View More
Ask the PT
April 26 2024
To roll, or not to roll? Foam rollers, massage guns, cupping… when it comes to chronic IT band tension, your clients have likely tried it all... View More
sipe balance
April 24 2024
Many people think of balance as a single thing and either they have good balance or they don’t, but it is much more complicated than that... View More
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April 22 2024
Tightness in the hip flexors can lead to muscle imbalances, poor pelvic positioning and even contribute to back pain. This exercise utilizes reciprocal muscle inhibition to facilitate a comfortable, yet... View More
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April 10 2024
The Hurdler warm up exercise is great for static balance on top of warming up our hips for activity... View More
March 29 2024
As fitness professionals, we have probably heard or assumed that resistance training with fROM is superior in every aspect compared to pROM. However, is this the case?... View More
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March 28 2024
Strong movement requires healthy feet, and healthy feet require daily attention. Acting as our foundation, our feet experience repetitive forces unlike any other part of our body... View More
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March 20 2024
Your clients are doing hip bridges, squats and lunges. Your clients are committed; they show up; they do the work; they progress loads, yet something is off. They never “feel” their glutes... View More
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March 12 2024
Jumping jacks can be a great warmup exercise, or simply a great transition exercise to get clients heart rate elevated.There are endless combinations and here we show just six varieties... View More
train youth female athletes
March 8 2024
Before 1972, approximately 290,000 female athletes played organized sports. After Title IX was implemented, we have seen incredible growth in female participation in organized sports... View More
Feb. 28 2024
If you are ready to set yourself apart from other trainers and programs working with older adults, then consider adding cognitive fitness to your training repertoire... View More
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Feb. 12 2024
Winter is a great time to create extra at-home drills for your clients... View More