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Nov. 8 2011 12:00 AM

SPRI Products, Inc., a leading distributor of rubberized resistance products and fitness accessories, continues its 28-year tradition of innovative product designs that transform exercise with the new Step360 Pro, which helps exercisers of all ages and abilities improve performance and take workouts to the next level.

Comprised of a flat, 25" platform that sits atop two independently inflatable air chambers, the ingenious Step360 Pro combines the best of what the traditional STEP offers in cardiovascular training, what the Core Board delivers in strength training and what popular balance domes provide in balance, flexibility and total-body conditioning.

"Innovation that allows more people to live healthier, happier lives is an important part of our culture," said Herb Flentye, president and CEO of SPRI. "And the Step360 Pro is an extraordinarily versatile, functional tool that benefits everyone, with unlimited training applications."

Reaction and Response

With its solid, non-slip platform, the Step360 Pro provides security and stability underfoot, particularly for jumping and bounding activities.

The dual air chambers add a balance challenge by oscillating the platform in any direction, thereby recruiting the muscles and nervous system even more for greater results. Adjusting the air in each platform modifies the height of the platform, while varying the amount of 360-degree oscillation.

The ultimate power of the Step360 Pro is based on the body's reactivity and responsiveness. The more the body is asked to "react," the faster it will "respond," which activates the body's "self-righting" mechanisms, creating increased demands on the body and mind.

The Step360 Pro can be used for steady-state cardio or explosive power moves and plyometrics. Strength training options are endless, from body-weight moves like push-ups, planks and squats, to using accessories such as medicine balls, rubberized resistance tubing and dumbbells.

Handgrips offer comfortable, correct placement, and six tubing anchors conveniently hold tubing for a multitude of exercises.

Flexibility workouts can be dynamic or static, with exercisers standing, sitting, kneeling or lying on the Step360 Pro, which features a cushioned, foam top for comfort.

The Step360 Pro is ideal for individual workouts, small or large group training, one-on-one personal training, athletic conditioning, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

"This flat surface balance trainer is unique in that it can be safely used with very diverse populations, and it challenges everyone in three dimensions for valuable functional training," said Greg Niederlander, director of product and program development at SPRI.

Engaging in the Experience

The Step360 Pro comes with "The 360 Training Experience" DVD led by fitness trainer Jesse Pavelka, who conducts three 20-minute workouts, including Cardio Combo interval training; Cardio Burst, a combination of cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility; and Muscle Up, which blends traditional and functional strength movements. A 10-minute Quick Calorie Burn is included as a bonus. Also included with the Step360 Pro are a training wall chart and a hand pump. The package is available for $149.98 (MSRP).

About SPRI

For 28 years, SPRI Products, Inc. (a GAIAM company), has been the leading distributor of rubberized resistance exercise products, fitness accessories and exercise education programs for the health and fitness industry. Headquartered in Libertyville, Ill., SPRI provides professional fitness solutions to health clubs, personal trainers and health-minded consumers via the SPRI website, catalog sales and thousands of retail outlets nationwide. For more information, visit



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