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Single-Leg Hip Thrusters

Here's a terrific exercise to tighten the tush and all you need is your own body weight! Rather than keeping both feet on the mat when lifting up into a table top, increase the challenge and get those glutes working overtime by extending one leg straight out which will lift up as you extend your hips, squeezing those glutes and raising into the table top. Keep leg extended and prevent rotation of hips as you lift and lower with control.

Hip Lift with Stability Ball

NFPT is proud to partner with GMP Fitness! NFPT recommends GMP courses for continuing education and skill set development. This exercise, the Hip Lift with Stability Ball, is an example of the types of exercises that will be demonstrated in the GMP Core Training course. A hip lift is a lower body and core exercise that develops and strengthens the gluteal, hamstring and abdominal muscles for spinal stability. It is an excellent exercise to improve spinal health. It enhances and reinforces proper posture, promotes balance with the quadriceps and improves core stabilization. Core training is more than sculpting great looking abs, it provides the body with a working foundation. A systematic training approach, like the four level sequence, will help increase athletic performance, prevent the incidence of lower back injury and pain, ensure efficient and functional movement patterns and correct posture.

Mountain Climbers... the RIGHT Way

Mountain Climbers are a very popular exercise among everyone from personal trainers to the at-home exerciser because it's a challenging move you can do anywhere, anytime and without the need for any additional equipment. However, this movement commonly performed looks more like a seizure than a well-controlled exercise. In this video, Nick Tumminello of Performance U demonstrates the way Mountain Climbers should be performed for maximum benefit.

ACE Fit Life Bikini Body Workout

Get ready to sport a rocking body this summer by kicking your fitness into high gear. This total-body, no-equipment program from American Council on Exercise features six high-intensity moves with options to fit your fitness level. Use this quick workout indoors or outdoors to help you get in swimsuit-ready shape. Jessica Matthews, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, leads you through the best moves for a bikini body.

Lebert Equalizer Decline Push-Up and Pull-Up Combo

Get ready to challenge yourself with this advanced combination decline push-up and pull-up move with the Lebert Equalizer. Marc Lebert, the inventor of the Lebert Equalizer takes you through the decline push up with changes in elevation working your core and then shows you a Pilates-inspired pull-up that works your back and hamstrings.

Versaflexx Single Arm Reverse Fly

Resistance bands offer a better range of motion that traditional weight training which can only provide resistance against gravity. The single arm reverse fly offers core stabilization by performing the movement without moving the hips or opposing shoulder. Unilateral training is key for teaching stabilization and working in the sagittal plane of motion. Challenge the body by standing on a balance trainer like Step360 or a BOSU. Perform 8-12 reps with straight arm and flat wrist on both sides of the body. Lightweight and portable resistance bands can be key for all your clients' workouts. What's important to note on the Versaflexx bands is the shorter band length, sewn in poundage for ease of transfer from free weight to resistance band training and a stainless steel, swivel clasp to attach more or less bands to the anchor.

ActivMotion Bar Floor Plank Variations

ActivMotion Bar and PFP bring you another exercise series to check out -- Floor Plank Variations. Put a new twist on your core plank routine when you add alternating arm and leg reaching movements.

StrongBoard Balance Windmills

Follow these seven steps... (1) Place your right foot along the right side of the board, so that your foot is facing forward. Put all your weight through your right foot until the platform touches the base. Now place your left foot on the left side of the board, so that your foot is facing forward. Shift your weight so it is equally distributed and the platform is level. (2) Stand on platform with your spine erect, shoulders back, feet shoulder width apart and arms out to your side. (3) With your feet flat, bring your right hand down to your left toes, keeping your legs straight with a slight bend in the knees. (4) Return to the neutral position with your arms out to your side. (5) With your feet flat, bring your left hand down to your right toes, keeping your legs straight with a slight bend in the knees. (6) Return to the neutral position with your arms out to your side. (7) Repeat for desired amount of repetitions.

Sandbell Overhead Slam

Joe Vennare, co-founder of Hybrid Athlete and PFP Trainer of the Year finalist, shows us how to add variety and excitement to your exercise routine with this new move - the Sandbell overhead slam. This total body move engages multiple muscle groups making it an efficient and functional addition to your workout. Train your core and boost your calorie burn with the Sandbell overhead slam.

ActivMotion Bar Abdominal and Low Back Variations

Get more from your sit-up and low back exercise routine when you add the dynamic and unstable ActivMotion Bar. In these abdominal and low back variations, you are tasked with stabilizing the bar as the free-moving internal weights shift. This forces you to engage more muscles as you try to maintain equilibrium, and absolutely rocks your core! View the video here>>

Squat To Press

1. Stand on SBB with feet straight, shoulder width-apart. 2. Keep chest up, shoulders back, and abs engaged. 3. With a dumbbell in each hand, arms down, bend your knees until you are in a seated position. 4. Pushing through the heels, engage your glutes and thrust up with your legs while simultaneously pressing dumbbells over your head. 5. Bring the dumbbells back your side as you revert back into a seated position. 6. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions. Tips: Keep a slight bend in the knees when standing on SBB. By using the thrust and engaging the lower body muscles, it will take some of the weight out of your shoulders. Be sure to exhale on the way up. Keep abs fully engaged as you bring the dumbbells over your head to protect any compression of the spine.

Reverse Lunge Chop

Take your reverse lunge series to a new level when you add an ActivMotion Bar to a reverse lunge chop. The rolling steel weights ensure engagement throughout your rotary core muscles, and at the same time, challenge your body's understanding of a traditional workout move in a whole new way. Watch the animated video now and see the difference.

Hip Hinging During Plyometrics

NFPT's most recently released CE course, INTRODUCTION TO PLYOMETRICS, will provide greater understanding of what plyometric training is and when to use it. Plyo training is more than the commonly referred to "jump training," it is technique and application based. The movement demonstrated in this exercise shows the full motion of a proper jump and stick with a hip hinge before the take off and in the landing. The hip hinge allows for the knees to be safely over the ankles with the glutes loaded properly, knees slightly bent and the chest up. A key factor in successful plyo training is symmetry throughout the alignment of the body. Jumping is not about how low you load, but about how efficiently you move from hip flexion to hip extension

Overhead Side Bend with ActivMotion Bar

Exercise utilizing the ActivMotion Bar.

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