Vicore CORE AB Proves Most Versatile

Vicore's CORE AB is an effective piece of equipment designed for developing your mid-section injury free. This week's exercise clearly demonstrates just how versatile the equipment is. Many products available for performing sit ups and crunches lack the proper ergonomics. Therefore, they place a great deal of pressure on the spine and tailbone. They also force the user to "jerk violently upward" at the start of each rep – a motion which isn't so great for the "Upper Cervical Ligaments." Can you say whiplash? With the CORE AB, you are literally floating on air, eliminating tailbone or spinal pressure, making every motion smooth and fluid.

ActivMotion Bar Rotary Training Circuit

During rotational exercises while using the ActivMotion Bar, the rolling steel weights inside the bar generate momentum that emphasize rotation to strengthen the core. In this rotary training circuit, we chose three movements that are favorites of some of the MLB teams that use the ActivMotion Bar.

Kettlebell High Pull

PFP columnist Josh Bowen offers this great exercise to help create strength and explosive power in the lower body, especially the glutes.

6 for 6

The Core Bench: This will soon become the standard for those who are constantly seeking a better R.O.E. (Return On Effort) When one considers that The Core bench not only offers superior ergonomics and enhanced comfort, but also turns every exercise you have ever done on a regular bench, into a core ripping set, definitely redefining the term "multi tasking". It is a simple and effective premise, which offers much more than a traditional flat bench.

Balance and Core Stability Trio

Create balance, core stability and a deepen the mind-body connection with these three innovative movements using the ActivMotion Bar. To learn more, visit www.activmotionbar.com

Hack Squat to Brazilian Lunge

One leg is extended with heel on discs with body in pistol squat position. Start with full range of motion squat then place the Bender Ball either in the hip fold or behind the knee for added depth. Slide the leg that was forward back into a Brazilian lunge placing the bender ball on the quad. With a straight line from head to heel place the chest on the bender ball for added postural cueing and pull back let in and out - straight leg to bent knee.

Bodyblade Compilation Training

Compilation training, created by physical therapist Bruce Hymanson, consists of three pillars: multiple-muscle activation, multiple-joint participation and multiple-body segment interaction (proprioception). The results are better balance, coordination, joint/body communication, circulation, function, wellness and performance.

ActivMotion Bar Sit-Up Paddlers

During this exercise, clients hold the middle of the sit-up position and grasp their ActivMotion Bar like they would a paddle while kayaking or paddle boarding. As they engage in the paddle motion, the weights inside the ActivMotion Bar roll down to the end each time they paddle. This causes the client to activate their abdominal muscles to a greater degree as the weights inside the bar pulls them down towards the floor.

Half Circles on StrongBoard Balance

Half Circles on the StrongBoard Balance are a great, fast way to tone both your legs and your butt, while engaging and strengthening your core. Place one foot across the center of the StrongBoard Balance logo, directly over the springs. Come up on to the board with the posted leg, keeping a slight bend in the knee. Extend and lower your other leg. Keeping your foot flexed, begin making half circles around the board. Repeat for the desired number of reps. Repeat on the other leg.

Butt Blaster Leg Complex

The Butt Blaster Complex consists of the following four bodyweight glute exercises, performed back-to-back: 1) 1-Leg Hip Thrusts: 8-12 per leg. 2) Leaning Bulgarian Split Squats: 8-12 per leg. 3) Anterior Leaning Lunges (alternating): 16-24 total. 4) Anterior lean Scissor Jump: 8-12. The anterior leaning torso brings more of the glutes and hamstring into the game, as opposed to an upright torso position, which is especially important for females who tend to be more quadriceps dominant. The forward leaning torso is more knee-friendly, as well. In general well perform 2-5 sets on this complex with 2-3 minutes rest between sets.

Easing into MYOFASCIAL Release

It Hurts so good! REALLY?!!? See how you can get the benefits of myofascial release techniques without resting your full weight on your roller and therefor decreasing the pain we've come to expect! Watch Platform Training Master Trainer and fitness competitor Cindi Stofell demonstrate some new ways to execute some classic self-massage techniques on the TAG 10 in ONE Platform Trainer. Remember to visit http://www.tagfitness.net/TAG-Fitness-10-in-One-Platform-Trainer.html and http://ppfsportscience.com/downloads/ for more information and discounts!

Triple Threat Push-Ups

This triple threat push-up protocol is based on a triple drop-set concept. In that, it begins with the most difficult push-up variation and progressively "works down" to the easiest version. In other words, as you fatigue, the exercises become easier, allowing you to continue to crank out high-quality reps with less risk of injury.

- Go for max reps (technical failure) on each push-up.
- Rest up to 15 seconds in transition between push-up variations.
- Perform 1-3 sets

For more similar workouts from Nick Tumminello visit http://nicktumminello.com/2014/06/the-build-muscle-without-weights-workout/

ActivMotion Bar Lower Body Balance Variations

ActivMotion Bar and PFP media bring you another exercise series to check out: Lower Body Balance Variations. Add the dynamic ActivMotion Bar to conventional lower body exercises like squats and lunges for an unbelievable new mind-body and core specific challenge that will leave your clients feeling invigorated and accomplished. Your clients will feel and hear the free-moving weights inside the ActivMotion Bar challenge their stability as they react to the shifting bar, building coordination and stability strength!

Gliding Bender Ball Burpee

The burpee is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up and your entire body engaged - testing your strength and aerobic capacities. There is a reason they are staples in NFL conditioning, elite military training, and most high intensity fitness programs. They get you going, and they leave you wiped! These exercises have been proven to burn fat and rev your engine by boosting your metabolism, while challenging your chest, arms, thighs, hamstrings, and core. Mindy Mylrea puts a twist on the typical burpee by incorporating the Bender Ball and Gliding Discs. Adding these accessories to the standard burpee not only creates more range of motion and ease in the transitions of movement, but her second and third options allow you to add intensity by engaging the entire core complex by working in the transverse plane.

Short Foot Single-Leg Squat

The short foot single-leg squat is one of the best exercises for glute activation and strengthening. This exercise takes your typical single-leg squat and amps it up by adding short foot at the concentric phase of the squat. Short foot is one of the best exercises for driving proximal stability of the deep hip and pelvic floor, allowing for a more LPH complex and greater glute recruitment. This is a great exercise for warming up the body for a run, session with your clients or as a daily way to wake of the deep hip and core. Perform 6-8 repetitions before switching legs.

FireFighter Upper Body PT Circuit

This is a quick biceps-triceps-shoulders-back circuit that can be done in close quarters that is guaranteed to increase strength, pack on muscle and get your heart pounding! Start with suspension rows, go right into full body weight dips then jump into (supine grip) body weight curls (notice how to increase the weight load by elevating the feet) and complete the circuit with assisted dips (reduce the weight load by resting the ankles on the padded bar). Repeat the circuit! Do each movement for 10 to 15 reps and complete the circuit 3 to 5 times.

ActivMotion Bar Kick Through Cross Touch

This exercise demonstration by ActivMotion Bar Master Instructor and National fitness presenter Robert Sherman displays an incredible functional exercise that is great for challenging hip strength, balance and rotary stability as the weights inside the ActivMotion Bar shift and create momentum that the user must react to! This effect forces the user to brace their core as they complete the movement.

Yoga-Plex 3.0

The yoga-plex is a mobility drill used in the Performance U approach to warm-up, and it's a favorite to use because it allows the client or athlete to work on ankle, hip and thoracic spine mobility, in two different ways, with one comprehensive drill. We named this drill the "Yoga-plex" because it combines several yoga-influenced moves into a complex that's performed at a more dynamic pace than would be done in a traditional yoga class setting. As with any training methods and applications, the Yoga-plex has been constantly evolved. This video demonstrates our latest version: the Yoga-Plex 3.0. Video by Nick Tumminello, author of Strength Training for Fat Loss and founder of Performance U.

Rope pulls with weight sled

Rope pulls are a fun and functional movement you can do indoors or outdoors with any rope and a weight training sled. Challenge every client by adding or reducing the weight on the Sled. Double the fun by including partner pulls to your programs. Joshua Conn demonstrates the standard rope pull and adds cool variations by modifying foot position, side pulls and rotation.

Dolphin Plank

The infamous planks... a staple in our programming and the industry. They can be done anywhere, require no equipment, and yet are challenging enough for most clients. But how do you up the ante to add variety to and more engagement of the upper body to this simplistic movement? See how Mindy Mylrea, creator of Tabata Bootcamp, uses a more intricate version of the plank to engage the shoulders, arms, and chest while toning the abdominals and glutes and stretching the arches of the feet, calves, and hamstrings.

Push-up Regressions

Push-ups are the best! But, if your client can't do enough good reps to get results, or if they're too tired or deconditioned to do push-ups, try these Push-up Regressions on the Tag Fitness 10 in ONE Platform Trainer to reduce the load, do more reps, do more sets, get better results without injury. Three color-coded training zones and six elevations to progress and regress as needed!

Posterior Chain Progressions

Activating the Posterior Chain is functionally as well as aesthetically beneficial. Use these progressions to stretch, strengthen and tone up the lower back, rear end and hamstrings! For clients who don't like to get down on the floor, here are some fun progressions to try from the "Core off the Floor Series" from Level One Platform Training. Earn 8CEUs from ACE at a Level One Platform Trainer Workshop http://ppfsportscience.com/ceu-workshops.

Single-Leg Hip Thrusters

Here's a terrific exercise to tighten the tush and all you need is your own body weight! Rather than keeping both feet on the mat when lifting up into a table top, increase the challenge and get those glutes working overtime by extending one leg straight out which will lift up as you extend your hips, squeezing those glutes and raising into the table top. Keep leg extended and prevent rotation of hips as you lift and lower with control.

Hip Lift with Stability Ball

NFPT is proud to partner with GMP Fitness! NFPT recommends GMP courses for continuing education and skill set development. This exercise, the Hip Lift with Stability Ball, is an example of the types of exercises that will be demonstrated in the GMP Core Training course. A hip lift is a lower body and core exercise that develops and strengthens the gluteal, hamstring and abdominal muscles for spinal stability. It is an excellent exercise to improve spinal health. It enhances and reinforces proper posture, promotes balance with the quadriceps and improves core stabilization. Core training is more than sculpting great looking abs, it provides the body with a working foundation. A systematic training approach, like the four level sequence, will help increase athletic performance, prevent the incidence of lower back injury and pain, ensure efficient and functional movement patterns and correct posture.

Mountain Climbers... the RIGHT Way

Mountain Climbers are a very popular exercise among everyone from personal trainers to the at-home exerciser because it's a challenging move you can do anywhere, anytime and without the need for any additional equipment. However, this movement commonly performed looks more like a seizure than a well-controlled exercise. In this video, Nick Tumminello of Performance U demonstrates the way Mountain Climbers should be performed for maximum benefit.

ACE Fit Life Bikini Body Workout

Get ready to sport a rocking body this summer by kicking your fitness into high gear. This total-body, no-equipment program from American Council on Exercise features six high-intensity moves with options to fit your fitness level. Use this quick workout indoors or outdoors to help you get in swimsuit-ready shape. Jessica Matthews, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, leads you through the best moves for a bikini body.

Lebert Equalizer Decline Push-Up and Pull-Up Combo

Get ready to challenge yourself with this advanced combination decline push-up and pull-up move with the Lebert Equalizer. Marc Lebert, the inventor of the Lebert Equalizer takes you through the decline push up with changes in elevation working your core and then shows you a Pilates-inspired pull-up that works your back and hamstrings.

Versaflexx Single Arm Reverse Fly

Resistance bands offer a better range of motion that traditional weight training which can only provide resistance against gravity. The single arm reverse fly offers core stabilization by performing the movement without moving the hips or opposing shoulder. Unilateral training is key for teaching stabilization and working in the sagittal plane of motion. Challenge the body by standing on a balance trainer like Step360 or a BOSU. Perform 8-12 reps with straight arm and flat wrist on both sides of the body. Lightweight and portable resistance bands can be key for all your clients' workouts. What's important to note on the Versaflexx bands is the shorter band length, sewn in poundage for ease of transfer from free weight to resistance band training and a stainless steel, swivel clasp to attach more or less bands to the anchor.

ActivMotion Bar Floor Plank Variations

ActivMotion Bar and PFP bring you another exercise series to check out -- Floor Plank Variations. Put a new twist on your core plank routine when you add alternating arm and leg reaching movements.

StrongBoard Balance Windmills

Follow these seven steps... (1) Place your right foot along the right side of the board, so that your foot is facing forward. Put all your weight through your right foot until the platform touches the base. Now place your left foot on the left side of the board, so that your foot is facing forward. Shift your weight so it is equally distributed and the platform is level. (2) Stand on platform with your spine erect, shoulders back, feet shoulder width apart and arms out to your side. (3) With your feet flat, bring your right hand down to your left toes, keeping your legs straight with a slight bend in the knees. (4) Return to the neutral position with your arms out to your side. (5) With your feet flat, bring your left hand down to your right toes, keeping your legs straight with a slight bend in the knees. (6) Return to the neutral position with your arms out to your side. (7) Repeat for desired amount of repetitions.

Sandbell Overhead Slam

Joe Vennare, co-founder of Hybrid Athlete and PFP Trainer of the Year finalist, shows us how to add variety and excitement to your exercise routine with this new move - the Sandbell overhead slam. This total body move engages multiple muscle groups making it an efficient and functional addition to your workout. Train your core and boost your calorie burn with the Sandbell overhead slam.

ActivMotion Bar Abdominal and Low Back Variations

Get more from your sit-up and low back exercise routine when you add the dynamic and unstable ActivMotion Bar. In these abdominal and low back variations, you are tasked with stabilizing the bar as the free-moving internal weights shift. This forces you to engage more muscles as you try to maintain equilibrium, and absolutely rocks your core! View the video here>>

Squat To Press

1. Stand on SBB with feet straight, shoulder width-apart. 2. Keep chest up, shoulders back, and abs engaged. 3. With a dumbbell in each hand, arms down, bend your knees until you are in a seated position. 4. Pushing through the heels, engage your glutes and thrust up with your legs while simultaneously pressing dumbbells over your head. 5. Bring the dumbbells back your side as you revert back into a seated position. 6. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions. Tips: Keep a slight bend in the knees when standing on SBB. By using the thrust and engaging the lower body muscles, it will take some of the weight out of your shoulders. Be sure to exhale on the way up. Keep abs fully engaged as you bring the dumbbells over your head to protect any compression of the spine.

Reverse Lunge Chop

Take your reverse lunge series to a new level when you add an ActivMotion Bar to a reverse lunge chop. The rolling steel weights ensure engagement throughout your rotary core muscles, and at the same time, challenge your body's understanding of a traditional workout move in a whole new way. Watch the animated video now and see the difference.

Hip Hinging During Plyometrics

NFPT's most recently released CE course, INTRODUCTION TO PLYOMETRICS, will provide greater understanding of what plyometric training is and when to use it. Plyo training is more than the commonly referred to "jump training," it is technique and application based. The movement demonstrated in this exercise shows the full motion of a proper jump and stick with a hip hinge before the take off and in the landing. The hip hinge allows for the knees to be safely over the ankles with the glutes loaded properly, knees slightly bent and the chest up. A key factor in successful plyo training is symmetry throughout the alignment of the body. Jumping is not about how low you load, but about how efficiently you move from hip flexion to hip extension

Overhead Side Bend with ActivMotion Bar

Exercise utilizing the ActivMotion Bar.

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