Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in sharing the story of your success with PFP magazine! The format of the in-magazine section is called Journey to Success, which highlights a successful identity in the fitness industry, focusing on the struggles and strategies that led to that person's success.

To apply for this coveted position, you must satisfy these criteria:

  • You must have worked in the industry for a minimum of the last 5 years.
  • You must be a certified trainer and still be engaged in training. Whether you are running a boot camp, training one-on-one or training a group, we want someone still involved in the core product of our industry: personal training.
  • You must have achieved a considerable amount of success. Opening your own studio is great, but it isn't until you've owned it for 10 years, employed more than 20 people and grown from 600 square feet to 5000 (for example) that you've really learned, grown and are in a position to share your story.
  •  We are looking for professionals at the pinnacle or climbing to the pinnacle of their careers. If you aren't at the pinnacle of your career, you must have a very unique story that can educate and inspire others. For example, have developed a very successful online training program? Did you create a foundation that is radically altering the fitness level in your community?
  • You must be able to convey your story (how you got to where you are, lessons learned, mistakes made, victories won, etc.) through a series of email questions and a phone interview.

    A profile of your entire career to this point will be written by Lindsay Vastola, Editor of PFP, focusing on the points deemed most relevant to PFP readers. You will have the opportunity to read the article once and make suggested changes before it's sent to production.

    Photo Requirements
  • You must be able to submit one or more full-body, professionally taken photos of you in active, athletic or trainer wear, preferably photos taken against an interesting background and not precut.
  • PFP strives to maintain an image of professionalism and wants to showcase you as a professional. Belly rings, old sweats, a lot of visible tattoos, jog bras and other things you might wear during your personal workout or personal life are not representative of this professional image. Remember, we only want professionals who take themselves and their careers very seriously.
  • The photo is required to be high-resolution and professional quality*, otherwise the submission will not be considered. Other photos of you training clients, leading a class or other job-related tasks are highly recommended.

* 8" x 10" at 300 dpi or larger.

By submitting photos, you thereby give permission to PFP and RB Publishing Inc. to use any such materials. Photos will not be returned.

Please email submissions to Lindsay Vastola at lindsay@rbpub.com. Good luck!

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